How AI-Powered Mobile App Development Can Benefit Businesses

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A significant majority of business leaders around the world are terming artificial intelligence, or AI, technology as a “business advantage” with studies showing that AI will drive over 95% of customer interactions by the year 2025. Developer teams across the world are today using AI technology in one or more business applications or services, with AI-powered mobile app development now being increasingly sought after by businesses for application in a wide range of industries, including retail, healthcare, and logistics. For these businesses, AI-powered mobile apps provide far-reaching benefits for their brand. Whether it is in driving user engagement, ensuring customer loyalty, automating repetitive tasks, or lowering human workload, AI’s many use cases are driving its increasing deployment in mobile app development.  Here, we bring you 5 of the many ways AI-powered mobile apps can benefit your business.  


  • Improve Customer Engagement

AI’s machine learning capability allows brands to interact more effectively with customers through their mobile apps. Users are more likely to enjoy personalized experiences and receive customized solutions from brands that use AI on their mobile apps. This, in turn, enhances customer sentiment around the brand and drives stronger engagement levels from users.   

  • Provide Data-driven Solutions  

As customer appetite for more intelligent solutions grows, AI-driven mobile apps are naturally seeing an increase in demand from users seeking more innovative and data-driven efficient solutions. Indeed, AI offers businesses the opportunity to not only track customers’ usage trends, but also to interpret large amounts of seemingly unconnected information to identify trends and patterns as well as provide relevant data-driven solutions. In short, AI’s ability to analyze large amounts of customer and competitor data helps businesses to effectively craft data-driven strategies to grow their business.   

  • Drive Higher ROI Via Targeted Marketing

AI-powered mobile apps are redefining the way users interact with brands, as the technology’s ability to ensure targeted user-based marketing is helping drive higher returns for businesses. By processing user data that has been collected at various stages of customer engagement with the brand, companies are able to create more relevant marketing messages that drive sales and ensure brand loyalty from users.  

  • Offer Personalized Recommendations

By deploying AI technology in mobile apps, businesses can provide users with better and more relevant recommendations based on their preferences. By using AI’s predictive analytics and machine learning capabilities, businesses are better equipped to analyze users’ purchase and search history to predict the most relevant content for a particular user and make recommendations accordingly.   

  • Ensure Customer Retention and Loyalty

For standard mobile apps, their capacity to retain customers is significantly hampered by their inability to provide user-specific content. On the other hand, AI technology uses complex algorithms that allow brands to identify user preferences and make relevant recommendations. For example, news apps that are powered with AI can deliver articles that are suited to a user’s interest, thus driving higher engagement levels. Similarly, customers on an e-commerce app that uses AI technology will receive more targeted product suggestions based on their past purchase history. All this, in turn, helps businesses make a lasting impression on users, who are more likely to stay loyal to the brand and may even recommend it to others.  

In conclusion, there are a number of benefits for businesses that are opting to include AI-powered mobile app development as a crucial part of their growth strategy. To be sure, technology giants such as Google, Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft are already leveraging AI technology to transform the way their business engages with customers through their mobile apps. Indeed, the early adopters of AI in mobile apps help demonstrate how businesses can enjoy higher returns, drive user engagement levels, and ensure better customer loyalty rates using AI technology.

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