Need For A Software To Summarize Automatically Your Texts?

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Certainly, you have already thought to summarize a text just to see the essential and to locate the important lines with the intention of getting an idea on its contents. Today, to be brief, we will show you a tool at everyone’s reach that will delight you in this procedure. This is Resoomer, a text summarizer.

How does Resoomer work?

Resoomer is a very simple tool that can delight many people. You have an argumentative text, history, or also a well-structured article and you want to summarize it. You just have to copy it on the site and the application will contract your text by saving the most reliable points: it will suggest you a summary that you can reduce on your own. Even better! If you are among those who make speed-readings, it can help you by underlining the important points.

Who can use Resoomer?

 Its effortlessness makes the general public to feel at ease with it: student, teacher, reader or also documentalist could require its service! If you want to analyze quickly texts that you have on hand, it may be useful for you to process the information and then increase your productivity. As an online free tool without registration, you can have Resoomer as a device of every day’s work.

Some disadvantages (even though)

Created with a semantic analysis, this pedagogical tool is not yet, for the moment, able to process text apart from French and English languages but other languages are projected to be available in the future according to the publisher’s website. Nevertheless, why too much worry about it?

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