Why One Should Use GXR-8ch01 Video Surveillance At Their Place?

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There has been a great need to ensure the desired level of security at the place where we are keeping our belongings or some precious items. This has mainly resulted due to increasing number of threats or thefts occurring in recent times with the use of recent technologies. This technology is efficient enough to help them enough that they can penetrate many of the security systems.


As a result, one needs to upgrade their own security system and move them to the Smart Surveillance system which can prove to be the best alternative for them. This system is having many of the advantages of having a live feed of what’s happening at the place which is secured. It helps in keeping the desired place secure enough.

Importance and benefits of GXR-8CH01

Video surveillance is having its own importance and benefits. It is dependent on where it is to be used and what level of security is expected from the same. GXR-8CH01 model of surveillance system will ensure quite a high level of security as they can monitor the location over a live video feed. Below are some of the benefits of the same.

  1. Higher compression technology: Advanced video surveillance system is having the benefit of compressing the video in such a manner that it gets easily transmitted to the desired location. Its reduced size will permit its effective transmission.
  2. High-quality recording: With recent technology using advanced lens the quality of video captured is maximum. It will ensure the desired level of quality of the video for efficient monitoring of the location.
  3. Night Vision: These cameras are also having the benefits of having the capacity of working during night time. They are having special lens technology which can even provide clear video during the night time. This helps in having the desired level of security at the location even during the night time.
  4. Efficient Backup: Many times some of the suspicious activity slips from the sight of the person who is monitoring the live video. In such cases, these videos are recorded live. This recording is kept for the small duration of time and is removed when it is found that it is no longer required. This backup video will prove to be useful when some kind of suspicious activity has taken place and one needs to have a proof of the same from the recorded video.
  5. Real-Time Alerts: Currently there are smart systems also available which will send you regular email updates. This system when finds that some kind of suspicious activity is going on which is not normal it will send an email. It will help the individual get aware of the suspicious activity going on at the location.


Thus we can say that GXR-8CH01 is an important model for video surveillance to keep live watch at the location. It will help to ensure the desired level of security checks at every single minute and helps to keep the desired location safe. Even some of the smart video surveillance system will not even require a human in order to monitor the video stream.

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