What To Consider when Buying A Refurbished iPhone?

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You probably have some concerns regarding purchasing a used or refurbished iPhone. It is reasonable to wonder whether a used iPhone is as good and reliable in the form of a new model. The answer depends on where you are purchasing the iPhone. If you are purchasing from an ideal and well-established source, you may truly assume that a refurbished iPhone is indeed an ideal iPhone.

Time To Have Ideal Phone For Your Phone Company

Kicking off with the iPhone 5, all models do work on all sorts of phone company networks. Though, it is ideal to know that AT&T’s network uses an extra LTE signal which the others do not, which can mean quick service in some places. If you purchase a used iPhone X designer for Verizon and have it to AT&T, you probably will not be able to access that extra LTE signal. Ask the seller regarding the iPhone’s model number and also pay attention to making sure it is compatible with your phone company.

Make Sure The Phone Going To Buy Is Not Stolen

While purchasing a used iPhone X, you should not want to purchase a stolen phone. Apple is known for preventing stolen iPhones from being activated by new users following its activation lock feature turned on when Find My iPhone is activated. However, you will get to know if a phone is Activation Locked once you purchase it when you cannot unlock the iCloud-locked iPhone. While buying a used iPhone, you must keep this in your mind indeed. It will help you to find the best iPhone.

Original Receipt

It is time to ensure that you are buying an original device, and then you need to ask the seller to provide proof of buying. It should be available whether the seller is an individual or if you are purchasing from a third-party web portal. Apple also imparts electronic receipts so that it will be sufficient as well. Holding a valid receipt is truly important if you want to resell the iPhone or want to extend the warranty.

Battery Oriented Health

Going with iOS 11.3, Apple comes up with a new feature displaying battery health. It is available on the iPhone 6 and above. On a new iPhone, the battery health indicator will truly be at maximum capacity, i.e. 100%. Talking about the capacity, it diminishes as the health of the battery degrades. When the battery can still be truly used when this message is displayed, it will truly have a quite low capacity.


While buying a used iPhone X, you should keep these above-mentioned points in your head. These points can truly help you to buy an ideal phone.

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