How To Make Your Messages Self-Destruct In Easy Steps

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Messages that stick around too long can be a pain to deal with. They’re confusing, they’re spammy, and they may even cause unnecessary tension in your relationships. But what if there were a way to make Messages self-destruct after a period of time?

If your phone allowed for it, you could delete all the private note messages in your inbox without ever having to open them again. However, this trick only works if you have an iPhone or iPad (sorry Android owners). These are the steps you’ll need to take:

Step 1: Activate The “Delete All” setting

Step 2: Start deleting messages

Step 3: Be patient. Remember, this delete all function can only be used with newer iOS devices (at least since iOS 6.0).

Activating The “Delete All” Setting

This method is just one of many that analyzes and deletes all of your messages. To activate this setting, navigate to your Settings app (the gears icon) > Messages > Keep Messages.

Note: if you find your phone doesn’t have an option for Keep Messages, then you may need to update your device to iOS 6.0 or higher (Settings > Software Update). If you do not have the option and are on iOS 6.0, you can use a third-party app like iCleaner instead of iFonebox, as explained below.

Start Deleting Messages

Having selected Keep Messages, you’ll find that there are two options: Delete and Archive. To delete, select the switch next to it so that it is switched on (green color).

If you want to archive or put messages in a folder, then select Archive instead of Delete. Your messages will be stored in an archive until deleted by your phone (assuming you still have the app installed), at which point they will be deleted permanently. This is great if you need some space and don’t want your inbox cluttered with old messages.

Be Patient. Remember, this delete all function can only be used with newer iOS devices (at least since iOS 6.0).

Note: If you use iFonebox instead of iCleaner, it will not delete all the messages in your inbox at once. Instead, it will bulk-delete them one by one. This is annoying because you have to open every message and confirm its deletion manually.

Some Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a way to get rid of all your messages quickly, permanently, and efficiently on an iOS device, this is a good method to try. Keep in mind that these steps only work for newer iPhones and iPads with more recent updates (since iOS 6). Also, make sure to back up your phone first before doing this! Many people who have tried this trick have said it worked great for them.

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