Samsung Galaxy S5: Perfect Android Phone

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On one hand, Samsung keeps on increasing its number of smartphone solution in the market and on other hand it is getting difficult to choose which smartphone to get. Last year, Samsung launched in the beginning of the year the Samsung Galaxy S5 and now the smartphone has suffered from a good discount level and now it is recommended smartphone with its present price tag.

Galaxy S5 has 16MP camera as its primary or rear camera and the other sensor, the secondary -frontal- includes a two megapixel sensor which is intended primarily for video calls and self portraits. Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor mainly determines the pure performance of the Samsung Galaxy S5 with higher frequencies to the original chip. These terms include the 2.5 GHz CPU, GPU but also improvement in this aspect. These technical details allow increases in proportion the smartphone performance, which translates into greater fluidity of the system and graphics power. The 2 GB of RAM will also be key for the device to be able to provide a satisfying user experience point. Regarding the storage system, the basic version will remain the 16GB, but as usual on the Galaxy range available slot for microSD memory cards with which expand domestic capacity.

Wireless connectivity of the new model incorporates some important news, such as the support for 4G networks under a wide range of frequencies. The WiFi is another section where we see improvements such as extending the IEEE 802.11ac standard and MIMO technology, which will allow greater data transfer via this wireless connection. Also incorporated as a novelty Download Booster utility function that lets unite the discharge capacity of 4G and WiFi connection at the same time to get maximum transfer rates up to 450 Mbps. Bluetooth 4.0 with profile is low energy (LE). Another innovation is the incorporation of ANT + standard to connect the device with other compatible accessories.

 The Samsung Galaxy S5 not only incorporates the list of sensors that were present in the Samsung Galaxy S4, but added to Chapter benefit many others. One of these is the heart rate sensor, located in the same area in which the LED camera flash is positioned. This will improve the performance of Samsung S Health 3.0, the application specifically created for sportsmen. In turn, the new Galaxy features a fingerprint reader that is located in the Home hardware button to unlock the home screen, but also assume other functions as confirmation of payments through PayPal and its new application included in the software team.The fifth generation of the Galaxy S has increased battery capacity by 8% compared to the previous version established in 2800 mAh. According to data provided by the manufacturer, this battery will be able to offer some runtimes of up to 390 hours standby and 21 hours talk time. Also new is the introduction of an energy-saving mode called Ultra Power Saving Mode. Possible configurations are the ability to turn the screen black and white.

So again, we have a verdict smartphone from Samsung the Samsung Galaxy S5. It is a year old phone in the market but still very convincing. Also, the next version of the series would also be more convincing for example the Samsung Galaxy S7.

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