This Summer Season How Do You Choose An Ac According To The Size Of The Room

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Along with ice-creams and cold coffee, what else is your favourite during the summers? Of course yes, air conditioner. We can’t do without it when the scorching sun raises the temperature. We discuss so many things about the AC: split or window, cover or no cover, but what about the selecting the correct AC for our room? Based on the area of our room, we need to decide how much ton of AC to select. LG air conditioners are available in Amazon which is of varied range and reliable. Before we move on to selecting the perfect AC, let us first see what is measuring of AC.


Why Measure Air Conditioning Capacity in Tonnes

The number of tons of the air conditioner doesn’t represent weight of it but is used to refer the amount of heat it can remove from the house within an hour. It refers to the heat capacity of a ton of melting water ice above period of 24 hours which is equivalent to 12000 BTU/hr, or 3517 watts.

Therefore, 1.5 tons refers to 18000 BTU/hr which is 5275.5 watts. The ton in refrigeration is denoted as RT (Refrigeration Ton). Energy efficiency ratio or EER is important while doing calculations on actual power consumption. The input wattage to your AC depends on EER and the star rating of it.

Factors That Decide Selecting Proper Size A/C

  1. Height of the ceiling: For the calculation below, we will assume traditional 8 foot ceilings. If more, increase the BTU level.
  2. Number of people in the room: If there are more than 2 people in the room, add 600 BTU for each person.
  • How well the room is insulated such as flooring, glass and other openings: If room is under shade, decrease BTU by 10%.
  1. Sunlight: If the room gets enough sunlight, increase BTU by 10%.
  2. Kitchen or Bedroom: Increase BTU level by 4,000 if it is kitchen.

Calculating Size of the Room

Step 1 – Find the area of the room.
Let us consider it is a rectangular room with 10*15 feet dimensions. So, area= 150 sq. Feet.

Step 2 – Multiply the area with constants.
Let us consider constant = 30. For kitchen, constant = 40. So, area*constant = 150*30=4500 BTUs.

Step 3 – Height of Ceiling.
For every one foot above 8 feet, add 1000 BTUs. Total BTU = 4500+1000=5500.

Step 4 – Number of People.
Let us calculate for 3 people. So, for extra one person we add 600. Total BTU = 5500+600= 6100 BTUs.

Step 5 – Conversion of BTU to RT
1 RT = 12000 BTUs
Therefore, 6100 BTUs = 0.5 – 0.75 Ton AC.

So, we would require 0.75 Refrigeration Tonne AC for this particular room.

We have discussed how to calculate the perfect AC for your room size. You can purchase LG AC from Amazon and be set for summers.

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