Hardware Maintenance Tasks Can Increase Your Laptop Performance

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Maintenance is a important part especially if you’re using a laptop.  Laptop is a sensitive electronic equipment. Hardware  maintenance means  the testing of all parts of your laptop to keep in proper condition. There are many type of problems are occur in laptop like viruses, the registry overload, A proper maintenance provide your laptop  high staility, consistency  and high speed.  If you fail in hardware maintainence, it will likely become cluttered with data fragments. The laptop repairing is too much expensive. Without maintenance laptop become sluggish. There are two types of maintenance.

  1. Infrastructure Maintenance – This maintenance is relating to the servers, e.g. check event logs, check back-ups, mail queue and anti virus check.

  2. User Maintenance – In user maintenance, all tasks are relating to user issues including reports, e.g. email usage report, internet usage report, disk usage report, archive email and usage planning.

To increase the life of your laptop and solve the problem of cluttering,  follow some ways.

  • Anti-virus Software: there are too many type of viruses are occur when you port data from USB and Ethernet to laptop and vice versa. So be serious about this software and always install updated antivirus to your laptop. Update anti virus software time to time and scan your laptop or USB, while you transfer data in each other. Replaced and update your laptop hard drives at their suitable time. When your laptop is extremely in slow speed, it means it is in virus mode or it is loaded with spyware and adware. At that time, some protections are needed. Scanning is one of the way to solve this troubleshoot. After scanning, your laptop is spotless or safe from virus and now you prevent your information from hacker.

  • Avoid direct sunlighting and dust: for proper maintenance, avoid your laptop from dust and sunlights as much as possible. Never use vacuum cleaner because it is very dangerous for electronic gadgets of your laptop. Rain and sunlight shrunk the  epic propotions. Heat is one of the bad enemy of hardware. turn off your computer when the hard drive light is off.

  • Keep your display and keyboard clean:  To keep your display clean, use spray and light cloth. For keyboard, use compressed air. Never use vacuum cleaner for your laptop. Keep  your laptop clean from inside and outside.

  • Use solid state drive and cooling pad: In laptops, use solid state drive instead of hard disk drive because it is cooler and much faster than hard disk drive. In cause hard drive failure, Laptop overheating problem occur. In this case the fan speed is too much slow.To solve this problem,a laptop cooler is used to cool down your laptop. Always avoid your laptop from vibrations and shocks.

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