A Glimpse At The Biggest Data Centres On The Planet

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Over the past few decades technology has advanced in leaps and bounds. One of the biggest game changers has been the emergence of the mega data centre, sprawling digital fortresses which serve as the backbone of the global digital economy. The rapid expansion of the internet has only served to increase the demand for data centres and result in the erection of some truly massive facilities. To give you an idea of just how big the data centre sphere is we’ve put together a countdown of the biggest data centres on the planet.

Range International Information Hub – China 

While this colossal new build is yet to be opened, its completion date of 2016 will see the 6.3 million square foot facility crowned as the biggest data centre in the world. In fact, its footprint will be almost the same size as the Pentagon! It will be primarily used as a commercial computing hub for Chinese and international business.

Switch SuperNAP – Nevada

Located in the south of the state, Switch SuperNAP is renowned as the largest operating data “campus” in the world. While its desert location may seem unusual the decision to build the facility in Nevada is a strategic move to avoid it falling victim to natural disasters. It encompasses 2.2 million square feet and provides over 1000 clients with colocation, connectivity, cloud and content ecosystems services. Prominent users of the state-of-the-art facility include Sony, Google, and eBay.

Utah Data Center – Utah

Measuring in at over 1 million square feet, the Utah Data Center is a formidable presence. The facility was commissioned on behalf of the National Security Agency and came with a price tag of over US$2 billion. The facility stores classified data for the United States Intelligence Community.

Lakeside Technology – Chicago

Owned by Digital Realty Trust, this Chicago facility has a 1.1 million square foot floor plan and is one of America’s largest telecommunications hubs. It hosts over 70 tenants and provides integral support to the USA’s commodity markets.

QTS Metro Data Center – Atlanta

At 970,000 square feet the QTS Metro Data Center is another of the USA’s large scale facilities. It’s been in operation since 2003 and continually undergoes upgrades and enhancements to keep it at the top of its game. As well as boasting its own on-site Georgia Power substation QTS also features direct fiber access to an array of carrier alternatives.

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