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TV a marvellous innovation by a human which connect the entire world in a single window which we normally called them screens. The previous TV series used runs on the principle of CRT or Cathode Ray Tube which used to manipulate the elements present in the tube to reflect images that are received via satellite. But, as the technology evolved we saw dramatic changes in TV series from normal CRT tube to LCD or LED. The LED backlit LCD is a flat panel display which uses LED backlighting instead of Cold Cathode Fluorescent which previously used by the most LCD TV developers companies. Now, there is some TV called smart TV why smart TV? The reason is that those TV used the biometrics sensor and also they can be connected by mobile phone or the internet.

There are many TV manufacturers companies in India who have some unique and diverse series in the world of TV. The interest and popularity of such TV are increasing day by day and in coming years most of the people will have TV. The LED or LCD TV price in India varies from one type to another type means higher the price of the TV better quality and features it have. The TV price also depends on the name of the company i.e. higher the brand value higher will be the price of the TV.

Here is the name of some of the leading TV manufacturers company in India which are ranked in terms of brand value and also on the quality and features delivered by those companies. The list includes:

  1. Sony: The top most TV brand in the country in terms of market share and in terms of quality of features that they have built in it. There are various series and models of LED TV manufactured by the company and also different inches also but every single series and models are unique and of standard level, whether it is picture quality or. The minimum Sony Televisions under the banner of Sony normally starts from Rs. 12,000
  2. LG: LG one of the leading home appliances manufacturers is the main competitor to Sony delivering millions of smiles with their unique and innovative creativeness in the world TV. The LG series LE5300 LED is full of unique features making the picture clarity like liquid crystal and sound of a single drop of the pin can be clearly audible. There are 6 models of such series: 22 inches, 32 inches, 37 inches, 42 inches, 47 inches and 55 inches. The LG Televisions Price In India starts from Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 1,02,790
  3. Samsung: Another top and leading manufacturer of mobile, home appliances, and TV Samsung are creating a new world of LED TV. Here, they have released some diverse quality of LED series which not only provide soothing while watching but the quality is so high and the sound is so real that the people often imagine that all the things are going on nearby only. The Samsung Televisions Price in India starts from Rs. 19,900 to Rs. 45,000.
  4. Videocon: The family based TV brand Videocon has something special to deliver in the series of LED world. It combines various features of LED TV which include USB ports, 1080 pixel image with quality sound that also in minimal range. The Videocon Televisions starts from Rs. 11,000 (approximately).
  5. Micromax: The most popular and well-liked brand among the average or middle-income group of people Micromax is able to deliver the same kind of features deliver by some top most TV manufacturers so that the normal people can enjoy the feeling of reality and 1080 pixel picture quality. The most recent series of Micromax TV include mobile connectivity feature and also 4K ultra visibility. However, the features are too much but the price is all at minimal Micromax Televisions which start from Rs 9,000 to Rs 40,000.

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