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Many organisations in the construction industry understand the turmoil of ineffective and inefficient software when it comes to running their business. The industry is fast-moving and complex, resulting in software which solves some of your day-to-day problems, but unfortunately not all of them. Health and safety software is available now within an all-in-one comprehensive software solution for the construction industry.


Imagine how effectively your business will run with the following features:

  • All your company information can be entered and stored
  • All staff can be added on the system, all staff can therefore access it
  • Staff can clock in and out of specific projects
  • Create invoices and estimates
  • Includes B2B and B2C terms and conditions
  • Sign-off estimates
  • Email from within the software (you can pre-set emails)
  • Have all contacts in one place under different headings such as: clients, suppliers, specialists etc
  • Add projects and view all old projects
  • Store and access chats between you and your staff
  • Book in projects in the calendar
  • Assign projects to certain staff
  • Assign plant and materials to projects
  • Reject/accept tasks which have been assigned
  • All materials and stock can be assigned and stored in the software
  • Set low stock and reorder levels and receive notifications and alert warnings
  • Store certificates, photos and receipts of anything related to your business
  • Export financial information from the software into an excel spreadsheet for accounting purposes
  • Health and safety feature includes built-in risk assessments and method statements

Health and safety within business is a legal obligation. A software solution which allows you to build a library of method statements and categorised risk assessments from pre-set options which are relevant to your business will make your time far more cost-effective. Relevant risks and method statements which can be assigned to certain projects and certain staff will make your business more efficient. Find a software which ensures staff cannot clock in to a job until they have read and accepted the risks. And they cannot clock out of a job until they have acknowledged/noted whether any additional risks occurred throughout the day.

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