XNSPY, An Exciting Spy Software For Android That Vows To Help In Child Safety

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Have you heard of this parental control app called XNSPY ? It’s been making the rounds on most tech blogs, and curiosity entailed that I check it out. I’ve got a few kids of my own, so I did truly wanted to see what it is that this app does that is so different to the app I’ve already got installed on their phone. Sure enough, I was met with a few surprises. If you’re looking to download this spy software for Android for your children as well, I suggest you give it a go and learn from my experience.

The Purchase Experience

I’ve got to say, the purchase experience with XNSPY is rather unconventional. I can’t simply get the entire application off the App Store, nope. Instead, I’ve got to first purchase XNSPY of the official website. But that’s not all. Then, I’ve got to get hold of the phone I want it installed in (in this case, it being my children’s Android phones and tablets) and insert the download link provided to me. I then have to install the application on their phones and log into the XNSPY account. Only after all of that is done am I ready to start using the app. In all fairness, the process from start to finish takes about 5 minutes, but I would have preferred it if I could simply download the entire thing off the App Store.

The Dashboard

Here’s a great thing about this application, however. After you’ve set up XNSPY on your kid’s phone, you won’t need physical access to it anymore. Because all the data collected from the spy software will be uploaded to the XNSPY dashboard. This is more like an online portal, something you can access easily simply by going online to the XNSPY control panel and entering your login details. You can adjust additional settings and make have the app working the way you want it to. You can select what aspects of the phone need recording and what features you can toggle off. You have to play around with it for a bit to see where everything is. But the design is pretty clean cut. Everything is in buttons and clear labels, so every the least techy parents can get a hang of it pretty soon. It is actually pretty similar to a DVR menu.

The Features

XNSPY for Android has plenty of features for parenting that are applicable to lots of situations. Here’s a list of some of the important ones I found a use for:

  • Current location tracking app
  • Sound recorder tracking application
  • IM messages reading and recording function
  • Call recording and call log monitoring
  • Kik and Skype monitoring
  • Facebook monitoring

There is still plenty more you can do with this app. For more information, click here and you’ll get a comprehensive view of their features list.

The only drawback with XNSPY for me right now is the fact that I can’t directly download it from the Play Store and that I have to check on the website. Other than that, it is a pretty decent spy software for Android and extremely instrumental in child safety, especially in the internet era.

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