What Is .Net And Its Use In Software Development?

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Many developers nowadays look at .net as one of the most important programming tools. This commanding framework uses popular programming languages such C# and Visual Basic for building high-quality, and desktop applications, and ultra-complex web for the uses of various businesses. Hence, in this post, we are giving you all the essential details such as the use of .net in software development, hire .net developers, and many more.

What is .Net?

.net is a programming infrastructure that uses popular languages such as Visual Basic and C# for writing for enterprise-type desktop as well as web applications. The development of the framework started in the late 1990s when Microsoft decided to extend it as part of its larger ‘.Net Strategy.’ So, this involved selling a sequence of .Net-branded computer products. Moreover, in late 2000, the first .Net prototype called .Net 1.0 was released. 

Why Select .Net?

Object-Oriented Programming

.Net operates according to the OOP (Object-Oriented Programming) model. The Microsoft-backed framework, along with C++, Python and Ruby use Object-Oriented Programming to make the development process simple. In this technique, objects are used to sort out data. Besides, Class declarations, are used for describing the contents and actions of the object.


ASP.Net also comes with a set of security features and helps in protecting the consumer data and reduces developer burden out-of-the-gate. Many companies recommend to hire dedicated dot net developers so that they guarantee you complete security. Additionally, there are two types of authentication windows and forms. 

  • Windows authentication is a widely preferred method and involves validate information against Windows user accounts. It allows the computer to verify information using an existing identity database, like an Active Directory of a company.
  • Forms authentication involves verifying information submitted in a form against an external system or database.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Another significant benefit linked with the .Net framework is the fact that it works efficiently across numerous operating systems. Hence, this means that developers can write a solitary piece of code in C# or a different .Net- language and that code will operate on any Operating System. By using a compiler.Net can complete such cross-platform compatibility. The compiler takes the .Net code and translates it into a machine-level language automatically that any Operating System can recognize.

Final Words:

.Net can be used in conjunction with over 60 programming languages, with popular ones like C#, Visual Basic, and F#. Amongst the wider community of software developers, a Net framework may be relatively unknown. So, you must hire .net developers who are experienced and are very familiar with the powerful, Microsoft-backed framework. In addition to this, .net is compatible across multiple platforms, saving money and time as developers do not have to build OS-specific modules.

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