The New Launched Smartphones From Mara Phones

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Smartphones are one of the most available products in the world today. You could find them across the globe. Every new day has something different to offer to you, the consumers. Africa has recently houses inauguration of 2 new launches of Mara Phones, on 14th February, 2019, Mara X and Mara Z. Both these phones would launch under Google’s Android one program, enclosed with regular updates. 

Both the devices aim at serving audience with the best smart phone experience and have varied specifications.

Mara X 


If you wish to buy android phone in an affordable price, Mara X is exactly what you are looking for. The 5.5 inch HD plus screen with aspect ratio of 18:9 phone, Mara X, offers you range of specifications that everyone looks for in their smartphones. With integrated feature like android Oreo, go edition, the operating software of this device allows it to work smoother, faster and better. With a quad-core processor along with one gigabyte ram, it also offers 5000 mAh battery life that makes this phone gain extra stars for its performance. 


It has been designed in a way that it could optimise 40% of data usage, helping you save around 600mb data every month. Not to forget, the most important feature of any phone is its camera. Everyone wants a phone with high-resolution pixels that could enhance your picture quality. Mara X offers you 13mp back camera and 5mp front camera that could make your pictures look even better.

Mara Z

If you are looking for something more than Mara X, Maraphones have something more to cater you with. Mara Z, the flagship model has such features that could blow you away. The phone has a 5.7incj HD plus display, with Octa-Core processor, making your experience of using the phone even better. The wide-screen gives you a smooth imaging and relaxes your eyes from stress. With a 3GB RAM, it has other features like fingerprint sensor and facial recognition that makes the device more suitable for you. It has Dolby stereo speakers that enable you to have a great audio-visual experience.

A 13mp selfie camera and high-resolution back camera with portrait mode are the highlights of this product.


With a powerful battery life, Mara X offers a quick charging configuration and allows your device to charge almost 50% in mere 30 minutes. Since Mara Z phone is  a part of Android one program, it is eligible for 2 years update of its operating system and security updates of 3 years.

As a consumer it is very confusing to buy android smartphones especially when there are so many choices in the market. However, Mara Phones has made it easy for you to make your decisions. Both its new launches have such specifications that cater a range of audience and match their preferences. Mara X serves the basic requirements of Android phones where the Mara Z is a device which caters almost all your requirements of a good quality and features smart phone, in affordable price. Of course, both of them have some basic inbuilt features like Gmail, Google, calculator, etc. 

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