What Are Those Qualities Which Make A Washing Machine Highly Efficient

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When you visit an electronics store to buy a washing machine, you will find several different make and models to choose from. Each of these models will have its own share of benefits. There is one attribute that can make the selection process easy. This attribute is efficiency. Machines that have higher efficiency levels are generally marked with “HE”.


This symbol denotes that a particular model is superior to other models in terms of efficiency. Checking this mark can instantly help you know that the machine is highly efficient. There are several factors that make a machine highly efficient.

How does a high efficiency machine differ from standard models?

Due to the power saving abilities of high-efficiency machines, they have become very popular in the market since their introduction. Where a standard machine requires more water for its operation, there an “HE” washing machine use very little amounts of water. This makes it an incredibly useful device to have.  LG is one of the top-rated brands in washing machines that brings you several models under “HE” label.

A standard machine can work well with a regular detergent. In case of a high-efficiency machine, you can be sure to achieve good results, only when you use a high-efficiency detergent. Washing cycles in “HE” machine takes a lot longer as by design they don’t require as much water.

Working of a High efficiency washing machine

There are mainly two kinds of washing machine. One comes with a door located on the top region and the other has got it on the front side of the machine. The level of efficiency differs from one model to another.

An “HE” washing machine use 66% less water/ wash than a standard one. Less water implies less usage of power to heat the water. This makes it eco-friendly as well as cost effective option as it reduces expenses that build up over time. This factor proves a high-efficiency washing machine to be the best investment.

In “HE” washing machines, there is no center agitator. Due to less pulling, this feature makes them gentler on clothes. In these machines, a tumbling system is used to clean clothes which do not get refilled at the time of the rinse cycle. In place of it, a high-pressure water stream is recirculated at the time of the wash cycle.

“HE” washing machines spins at a faster rate than an ordinary standard washing machine. This gives less damp clothes after the completion of wash cycle. One more advantage of using a high-efficiency machine is that they are capable of washing more clothes/load. This leads to fewer number of washing lots.

Downsides of high-efficiency machine

One can’t use regular detergents in these machines as it can lead to an overflow and cause long lasting damage to the machine. These machines need more care to ensure that it works properly at optimal levels. Users of this machine have found common complaints regarding musty smells and mildew growth. Thus, it is very important to regularly clean this machine.


A high efficiency washing machine not just delivers you best level of performance but also saves a significant amount of money. Due to all these exemplary features, it has become the first preference of people all across the world.

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