The Influence Of Social Media On Multiple Users

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The influence of social media has changed the way most people live their daily lives. It determines how we consume information, shares images, follow public figures, or discuss our everyday lives. It has also changed the way companies advertise their products and services to customers, and how they interact with their clients and business associates.

Therefore, it is important that companies are aware of the different types of social media impacts on users and how they consume and discuss information. In a world where word of mouth is more important than ever, it pays to know who your users are and how they interact in the many global communities available online.

In my opinion, there are several different types of social network users, and identifying who they are may ultimately shape your online campaign on websites such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+, and more.

The Promoter

This is the person that fills up their friends or followers’ news feed with event requests, advertisements, and statuses about their events or advertisements. This is the person that could drive people insane if they don’t offer some informative and entertaining content.

 The Browser

We all know who the browsers are. They are the people that know what every single person ate for tea at the weekend, but you never ever see them post up a single status. They will most likely post the odd comment on a status or photo and will seek out the latest news and happenings whilst not getting involved in any discussions about a topic.

The Chatterbox

This is the person that fills newsfeeds with the latest happenings, their favorite web videos, and memes, and they actively take an interest in everything. If they don’t like the way they’ve been treated by a company, then they’ll most likely be the person that’s not afraid to tell the world just what they think.

The Gamer

Some people use social networks for games as the social element isn’t very important to them. Games on networks such as Facebook are just a great way for them to pass some time, and they can also involve their friends by inviting them to participate in their gaming experience by sending each other virtual gifts.

The Poser

One of the fantastic things about social media is that they allow their users to create an image of themselves. Members can be funny, cool, or serious. You can be whatever you want to be online, and social media is a great way to reinvent yourself. These people choose what people know or do not know, and can even embellish events or aspects of their lives to seem more entertaining. Therefore, many people sign up to post only cool or humorous photos of themselves, post inspiring quotes, or think long and hard about their funny or deep statuses and comments before they publish them for the whole world to see. It’s not about communicating directly with others; it’s about communicating that their friends should want to be them.


We all have those friends on Facebook and Twitter who follow you and then you never hear a thing from them again. The chances are they’ve got bored and never returned, and are merely just a number a person can add to their friend’s list.

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