How Small Businesses Can Benefit From Using Social Media

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Running a small business can be quite tough because the budget is never quite enough for the owner to do everything that’s required, especially marketing and advertising. Virtually every small business has a website as well as accounts on a few of the most popular social media platforms, however, most often, both seem to exist in their own spaces and not working in synergy as might be expected. Some of the more popular social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. can be used to generate traffic effectively to the business’s website opening up further opportunities for sales conversions. Some pointers on how to use social media to benefit your business:


Website Traffic

Left to themselves, websites rarely get any visitors. You need to promote your website address aggressively by including it in all your communication starting from your sales literature to your print media and online advertising. While these have very limited reach, your social media accounts have no such problems. You only need to post interesting and engaging content consistently to acquire a large follower base. You can encourage them to click on your website link and visit the website to learn in detail about the products and services.

A social media platform like Instagram allows you to include the website link only in the bio section, so you need to actively promote your link in your posts. You can build engagement by using services like stormlikes to buy real Instagram likes. When you can generate a significant volume of traffic, you will also notice that the page rankings of your website going up, even though there is no direct connection between social media activity and page ranks. The two main challenges of using social media are acquiring a large enough population of followers and making your posts more visible by better branding and use of relevant keywords that followers can use to search for your posts.

Brand Awareness

There are many reasons why you should be on social media. It is a very good way of building brand awareness, engaging with customers, and getting their feedback on various issues, including product and after-sales support. However, for this to happen, you need to pay a lot of attention to the content that must invariably be original, fresh, relevant to the follower, and interesting. Posting content consistently, especially at the times when your target audience is most active on the social media is essential for getting viewership, likes, comments, and clicks on your website link. When your content is interesting, your followers will invariably share it with their followers, and your post can achieve a massive viewership in a very short time. The website traffic generation potential from shared content is really huge. However, success depends substantially on picking the right content for the right social media platform.


When used strategically, social media can give a great impetus to website traffic so it is of vital importance to the success of e-commerce. Relatively cheaper to implement than other advertising methods, it can effectively stretch your marketing budget farther.

Author Bio: Agnes Coles is the owner of a small business enterprise manufacturing household linen products. He has successfully built a vibrant social media presence using engaging content and assistance of stormlikes, a social media marketing agency, to buy Instagram likes.

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