MacOS Update Brings Night Shift And Other Updates

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The launching of a new update to the MacBook Air in India and across the globe has marked the introduction of another era of computing comfort. Interestingly, this update is the first major software update for MacBook this year. And it might be the last major improvement for this Macbook before Apple launches the macOS 10.13 at the Worldwide Developers Conference this June in San Jose.

Most Mac users can upgrade to this OS. But before you take any quick step to install it, you need to get abreast with the various features of this new macOS. So that when you finally update your Mac, you will be able to utilise all the features fully.

The major new feature in the MacBook Air is the introduction of the Night Shift.

Apple first introduced this feature in iOS 9.3. Now it is available on various Macs. And they include:

– MacBook Air produced in mid-2012 or later.

– MacBook made at the beginning of 2015 or later.

– MacBook Pro from mid-2012 or later.

– iMac from late 2012 or later.

– Mac Pro from late 2013.

– Mac mini late 2012 or later.

Any of the above Mac users can activate Night Shift on their devices by upgrading their macOS. There are many benefits of the feature —

Firstly, each Mac’s screen incredibly adjusts its colours, to emit minimum blue light and rather use what Apple describes as “the warmer end of the spectrum”. According to some studies, this feature might influence users to fall asleep at night easily. What the above study would imply, therefore, is you might be able to enjoy better sleep just by updating your OS.

Secondly, users will notice a visible yellowish cast on the Mac screen when they use the device at night. Thirdly, this genius new changes that occur during the night would end once the day finally sets in. The Mac will go back to emitting more blue light.

The night shift settings are pretty easy and can naturally be done without any serious external supervision. But the following instructions or guide would be of help to new users.

The first step for each user to take is to go to the Night Shift settings, then to the System Preferences > Displays and then click on the visible Night Shift tab.

It is, of course, true that the above instructions might not be sufficient for all kinds of Mac users who could update their devices and utilise this new OS. Thus, if your MacBook has multiple displays connected to it, then the Night Shift setting will only be found on the screen that you have chosen as the primary.

It’s easy to set the primary display. You just click on the Arrangement tab in the Displays system preference. Then, the display with the menu bar becomes your primary. You can alter this by holding and dragging the menu bar to a new display.

The MacBook Air you find in India comes with other features, apart from Night Shift. The precise content of Apple release notes is that the following new features are also available.

The new update provides a Siri support which enables cricket loving users to steadily keep up with cricket sports scores, relevant statistics for Indian Premier League and most importantly the International Cricket Council.

Secondly, the update introduces a competent dictation support for all Shanghainese speaking or learning users.

Thirdly, Apple has finally laid to rest many PDF rendering and annotation problems in Preview. What this means is that Mac users of this update would experience an almost zero percent possibility of problems while using their PDF.

Furthermore, Apple Mail has been updated. The update makes the subject line more visible when you use the Conversation View in Mail.

Finally, the new OS automatically repairs any difficulties that could prevent contents from appearing in Mail messages.

The truth is that this update is arguably the best. A lot of good iOS 9 features have been built into the MacBook Air in India, and you must upgrade at the earliest.

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