How To Keep Your Business Data Safe From Hackers?

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Data security means to protect your data from unauthorised persons. Computer security is too much important to protect the personal and sensitive information of your business. Data can be secured by apply strong password, make effective user account, using software updation, take backup your data and add some security question. There are some ways to protect your business from hacker.

• Apply strong password: Choose strong password is one of the basic idea for the security of your business. When you select the password of your email, always remember that it should be greater then eight character long. It should be the combination of upper case letter, lower case letter, numbers and special symbols. This type of password is more challenging. Never keep same password for a long duration of time. Change your password within 15 days. Keep different password for different acount. Password should be unique through your personal information. Hence Strong password improve the security of your business. When you install new softwares in your computer , change password of your site.Use strong passcode lock for start your computer, laptop or mobile. Never tell your password to your friend. Use temporary password, when you worked on public computer.

• Backup of data: Data backup means the copy of important data and paste it into safe place. Data backup help you to protect your data whether hardware fail, data is hacked by hacker and you delete your important data by mistake. It is an easy, reliable and convenient way for security. Backup also help you to protect your data in case of virus and file corruption. If you have backup, you are free from the risk of data losing.

• User account: When you make a site or make an account, never add personal information. With the help of personal information, hackers easily hacked your site.

• Add security questions: In online business, website security is more important. Security questions also help in data protection. Whether you make an account, add some questions and their answers for security. When someone try to open your site, a question is uploading. After fill the answer of this question, users are able to open their site.

• Software updation: Software should be updated from time to time. Software updation show only latest information. When someone try to stole your data, he cann’t be able to steal all data. So try software updation earlier. Frameworks and libraries also used to protect sql data, database and sessions.

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