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In the period where innovation and technology has turned into the order of the day, it has turned out to be very feasible for bosses to run their organizations easily, with respect to easily knowing about the work schedule of their workers. This has turned out to be possible and even simple, because of Time Clock Genie. As you may wish to know that Time Clock Genie is one of the outstanding firms in the United States that has created time clock free software that enables you to track the schedule of an employee online. This time clock is an available time clock that allows you as an employer to know and track the where about of your workers and even driving mileage of your drivers. Notwithstanding, this system features various components that make working with your working very simple to calculate the work hours of your employees and the time they report to work or close from work.  Below are some of the functions of this appealing software from the well-known Time Clock Genie.


 Schedule of your Workers

This software comes with an easy-to-use calendar that makes it very simple for you to make and monitor the work routines of every single employee that you have. It also permits you to generally track the number of hours that every single employee spends on a job or at the office. Aside from that, you can likewise record the participation of every employee and even prepare their payments with this software. This system of tracking the activities or work schedule of your employees has really gone a long way to help small businesses as well medium and large businesses to really progress.

Preparing Worker’s Payroll

With the assistance of this free online time tracking system from the popular Time Clock Genie, you no longer have to spend a lot of time preparing pay slips for your worker at the end of every month or week. This is as a result of the fact that with just a click, the system will be able to calculate the number of hours that an employee spent at the office or on a job as well as a number of other things like reimbursements, overtime, allowances and more. Therefore it is a fact that this software has brought a lot of relief to people when it comes to preparing payroll for their employees.

Despite the fact that there are a number of companies who have developed this kind of software, there are some who provide quality services to their clients. Apart from that, some of these kinds of systems are very complex to operate. Due to this fact, if you wish to have any of this software to help you manage your employees by tracking their work schedules, preparing their payrolls, knowing their vacation periods and so on, you must go in for the one that is best and easy to operate. And you can get this quality software from no other place than Time Clock Genie.

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