A Brief Guide On Components Of VoIP

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There are various components of VOIP but here, only major components along with their functional characteristics have been discussed. So as to make the voice over internet protocol a reality, all these components are required. The major components of Voice over internet protocol are Signaling gateway controller, media gateway, media server and application server. All of the components are equally important but only major components are being discussed here.


Signalling gateway controller

It is also defined as calling agent due to its function of controlling calls. Another name of signaling gateway controller is media gateway controller only due to its function of controlling the media gateway. Basically, signaling gateway controller is the centre of platform of VOIP because it connects the world of IP with public switched telephone network. The main feature of signaling gateway controller is supporting the protocol stack of signaling system 7. It helps in generating the call records, which helps in making the billing services easy. It helps in giving provision of media connection. As it is the major part of voice over internet protocol (VOIP), so any malfunction in the software and hardware is not acceptable.

Media gateway-

The main function of media gateway is with the help of RTP transmission protocol, transmission of packets (voice). When along with IP network, media gateway is used then it performs packetization. The main function of media gateway is supporting the call. It also helps in transmission of data with the help of RTP. It also helps in transmitting the sound in signaling gateway controller.

Media server-

There is requirement of media server only when there is need of additional features such as conferencing and voice mails. There is requirement of media server, when specific announcements should be transmitted. That is the reason, it is considered as the major component of the voice over internet protocol. Additional server is required so as to control the media server. Special service announcement is the main function of media server.

Application server-

So as to provide the value added services the IP network, application server is needed. There is provision of specific services like customer specific and global specific in application server. It helps in offering the general call services such as forwarding calls, transmitting calls, transferring calls along with voice mail. It also offers and VoIP provides the advance offerings such as mobile office, authorizing calls with the help of PIN along with this, it generates the records of call details. The application server is brain of the VOIP structure. By using SIP protocols, it helps in communication with the media gateway controller.

All the above mentioned component are very important and crucial. If on one hand, signaling gateway controller and media gateway is crucial, media server and application server is also necessary on the other hand. Any disruption or any malfunctioning in all the components will leads to disruption in all the further process. So any disruption in any of the component is not acceptable.

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