Why Computer Networking Is Essential In Organizations

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A powerful computer that connect to many other computer to provide them services called computer networking. Computer networks help users to share the resources data files, printers, scanners, CD-ROM drives, hard drives etc. and all software stored in a main system. Through networking, all computers are connected to one another by a central cable or sometime these are connected in the shape of closed loop. All computers in network may be linked through cables and satellites. In local areas, all computers are linked with a single wire or without wire.  So networking helps to make the company work more convinient and reliable.There are many reasons why computer networking is important in organization.

·        High reliable: Computer networking is essential in small as well as large organizations. In small organizations, wireless internet technology is now widely developed. It is also known as WiFi. Bluetooth is one of the suitable example of wireless network. In large organization, a big network is required. To mantain the large network, the file server should be powerful. Networking mantain the integrity of file and save time because data can be transferred through one computer to another very rapidly. Networking become the integral part of today organizations.

·        Cost reduction:  Through networking,  there are many ways to reduce the cost for an organization. Sharing the data, resources  and information is one of the main advantage of computer networking. So all of these facilities reduce the cost of Hardware and software. There is no need to buy individual resources like printer, scanner and hard drives etc. and no need store all software in individual computers.  Communication with a group of people is very easy, cheap and fast through networking. Share hardware and software resources save the money and time.

·        Greater flexibility:  Networking allows you to share the resources data files. So networking  provide the efficiency and flexibility when you want to work in corporation. If one computer is failed, you can complete your work on another computer by sharing data files. Data that is saved by you on one computer, is directly saved in main computer.

Security: All information in the network remain private. Only authorized persons are used data and do any modification. Your data is not stole by unauthorized person because different passwords are assigned by different users on their computer. So your sensitive data is protected by appling password  through networking. Now there are various types of network security software are available that provide high protection of your sensitive data.

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