Using Social Media Marketing To Increase Traffic To Your Website – How To Do It Right?

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Studies have shown that a lot of online businesses struggle to get any actionable results from social media. Social media is a place which offers you tough competition as companies vie with each other to get the most of their viewer’s attention. It is a severe challenge for business owners to implement their social media strategies successfully to boost their sales. However, there are some simple ways by which you can use social media to increase traffic to your business website. In this article, you will learn about these methods which will increase your website’s traffic and also boost your sales.


Despite the fact that social media platforms allow to market your business and interact with your customers easily, but it is a difficult job to get people to visit your page frequently. Hopefully, these tips will alleviate your problem a bit.

Ask your customers to review your products and share them

When you display reviews by customers, you earn the trust of your visitors more easily. When customers give you reviews, it reflects that your products are good, genuine and that people are passionate and concerned about your business and your services. People, when they are satisfied with your products, will be ready to leave back good reviews about your products which in turn will persuade other users to try them too. Customers who leave reviews are also likely to remain loyal as they provide honest feedback. Encourage them to share or write reviews about their experience with your products and then share them on their social media profiles. Give them offers and discounts also as a return gift for this favor.

It will encourage your customers to come back to you and make more purchases, and it also makes them feel a bit responsible as they will be reviewing your products to guide other users. It will even drive more traffic to your website as the customers will do the marketing on behalf of you by just sharing the reviews they write about your services. Incentives like exclusive discounts and offers to customers who share their reviews will also ensure that more people write about your products.

Use Instagram hashtags and display images which are user-generated

Involve your users and your customers more with your social media page. Use more and more interactive methods. Using content that is created by users is a highly effective tactic in social media marketing. Ask your customers to share stories and anecdotes about their experiences while using your products and ask them to share them on Instagram or Facebook with hashtags. They can add a photo of themselves with your products too if they want to post it on Instagram. Remember to feature the users who share this content on your page as they will also love the attention, and this, in turn, will make more people want to get featured, and more people will write about their experiences and participate. Thus you will get more people to know about your products.

Share valuable, relevant and useful information

There are plenty of online business pages which indulge in over-promotion by regularly posting about their products and making posts which are promotional in nature. Social media is about building and forming a relationship with your customer first and then building a broad customer base. Only posting about your products will not attract customer attention. Instead, it will act as a deterrent for people to visit your page as they will know that you will only be advertising your business. You need to focus more on the needs and requirements of your customers. Make posts like educational videos, self-help contents, or knowledgeable articles along with posts which are humorous. It will increase social media engagement for your posts. It will show that you do not only want to promote your products but that you also care about other things too. People will not feel that have wasted their time when they visit your website. Also, people will share such posts more as they will think that they can help someone else through these posts also.

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Social media is the most efficient platform for marketing today for business owners. It is free, interactive, has more extensive outreach and ensures customer satisfaction to a higher degree than previous forms of marketing methods. The tactics mentioned in this article are all simple and easy, and you do not have to be a prominent business owner to employ these techniques as they work small businesses just as well. Use social media efficiently to gain more traffic to your business website with the tips mentioned above. Remember to keep things simple and short. Ask the satisfied customers to write reviews and spread the word. Offer them incentives for this service. Provide your customers with valuable and useful information in your content, so that they feel that they have not wasted their precious time on your posts.

Make sure to use tactics which will make them return to your page again and again. Involve your customers more in more interaction, ask them to create their own hashtags and join in the marketing fun, in return promise to feature them on your page. The key in all of these tips is to make your user do the marketing for you and in return get something. Hopefully, you can use these methods and get better business outcomes.

Author bio: Damien Hart is an experienced social media marketing agent who has written extensively on digital marketing strategies on many blogs and websites. He wants more and more business owners to learn about efficient and diverse methods to boost their social media marketing skills so that further grow their business. Damien recommends various tactics that can help you get Instagram followers to your business page and thus give your business more exposure to the public.

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