The Importance Of Keeping In Contact With Colleagues During COVID-19

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In the start of this year, no one was aware that we will be facing a very big epidemic soon named COVID 19 or Corona which hits so badly to the whole world and affect lacs of people and many thousands of casualties.

It’s been more than a month now that I have been carrying out my office work from my sweet home and it’s been a really tough phase for me to synchronize my office work at my home. Now the main point comes here if how to keep in touch with your office colleagues during this COVID 19 epidemic. Let’s go through these points to check out how to carry out this possess in a smooth manner.   

Communicate well

Trust me this is the most common and one of the best methods to keep in touch with your office workers to keep the work synchronized is using the messaging apps. This is really good way to keep a good communication level. You can try a new encrypted messaging app which can also offer you good security. 

Stay In Touch with Other Tools

Try finding out the tools which can keep you and your work organized to maintain an office environment at your cosy home too. You will find many free and paid organizers and online apps to maintain the work schedule for your easy-going working  

Go For Yoga and Meditation Sessions

Yes, this works out really well. I have tried and tested this solution myself and it works really well. A lot of work anxiety leads to more stress and tension at your home which can ultimately affect your family too. So stop being a  lazy Af ad try yoga and meditation sessions after short intervals in the whole working day and trust me this will help you really well and you ll feel good and happy while being at work in your home only.

Try Taking Up & Giving Common Employee Challenges 

When being at work, you seriously love those extracurricular activities carried out by the HR Department. And I am sure, you ‘ll like those activities while accepting and giving some coll and weird challenges to your teammates.

So these were a few of the techniques and methods you can follow to keep you going with your work from home sessions while being at home with your office colleagues at a smoother level and we hope this global issue will resolve soon and everything will be back on track.

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