What New Trends Can We Expect From PHP For The Year 2017?

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When asked which is your favorite chocolate what would your answer be? You would either come up with Cadbury or Galaxy or Ferrero Rocher or some different brand of chocolate. The market has a diverse range of products when it comes to different choices created for different needs. The world of internet too has a myriad of options when it comes to choices and opportunities. Today let us talk about the different tools that the web makes use of to produce some of the eccentric web solutions bringing about a huge change in the society. PHP is one such tool that carves the beauty of a website.

A user-friendly language that requires less of efforts to get all things done. This is one of the attractive features that has gained a maximum number of accolades with each passing of time. Moreover, it is an open source programming language and this is what makes it even more appealing as the developers can make all the necessary changes as and when the need arises.

    With digitalization acing up the entire human race we can witness a world that very well lives on the online platform. This has made it mandatory for all the businesses to make their presence felt online. One of the best tools that could be used to create a website, without doubt, would be the PHP language.

New year, new hopes ! So what what hopes do we have from PHP for the year 2017?

Read on to find out.

The dominance of PHP 7 :

    In order to stay on the web platform you have to keep on moving and PHP has made efforts to come across a long way to where it is now. Starting with the first step it has made sure to bring in something new and innovative with each and every step that it has taken. The journey of PHP from PHP to PHP7 has been quite a memorable one and it is expected that the developers are willing to accept the PHP 7 version with open arms. This has expanded the horizons to hire dedicated PHP developers at Techno Infonet – one of the leading we designing and development companies and many such IT companies who use the latest versions of PHP in order to stay ahead of the curve. The world of web would soon witness the shift from an older version to the latest PHP version. We can expect the year 2017 floating with web solutions that carry te presence of the PHP 7 version.

The dominance of 5 prominent PHP frameworks :

    With the new year, you witness some new changes and improvements augmenting the quality of the web world. Here I bring to your notice some prominent frameworks of PHP that is bound to hold your attention in the year 2017 and hence make sure that you are familiar with them.

  1. Laravel :

Laravel, one of the most cherished and well-applied frameworks of PHP, has seen an increased demand in its use over the recent times. Light-weight templating engine, elegant syntax, etc are some of its highlighting features.

  1. CodeIgniter :

One of the most preferred and sought after frameworks of PHP has managed to make a special place in the hearts of all those who love experimenting with web solutions.

  1. Symfony 2 :

Another important PHP framework that has gained the right amount of attention over a definite period of time due to its reusable PHP components. This framework was created with an intention to ace up the development process.

  1. Yii 2 :

Yet another PHP framework that was given birth to develop Web 2.0 applications. Loaded with rich features, this PHP framework works towards developing websites at a considerably lesser time period.

  1. Nette Framework :

Another important framework of PHP that cannot be given a miss in the year 2017. Its dynamic and energetic features are reasons for its popularity. XSS, CSRF, session hijacking,etc. are some of its prominent features.

The dominance of updates :

Just like PHP has its set of versions marking its existence of growth in the world of web, we have different versions for all its frameworks too. PHP is making all possible efforts to release newer and more advanced versions of all the important frameworks like Laravel, Symfony and many such prominent frameworks. The year 2017 can expect advanced versions in some of the most used and well-known PHP frameworks making web development even more smooth and polished in nature.

Final Note:

          We all strive to become a better person with each passing of time and PHP has aims no less than this. With every passing of year, constant efforts are made to bring about a change in the quality of this scripting language, indirectly affecting the essence of the web world. A dedicated PHP developer always looks forward to putting in the finest of efforts so that the end results are devoid of any errors.

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