Information Security: Know How To Prevent Yourself, But Always Have Another Data Recovery Plan

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Information security is complex. Therefore, it is common for managers to be overwhelmed with so many details and particulars to be observed.


You’ve probably heard that the basis for an efficient management process is based on 3 main elements: people, processes and technologies. What we should consider is that, generally, companies want to find all the answers in technology, disregarding that people and processes are also influential factors in the effectiveness of a security strategy. In addition, we have the 3 fundamental pillars for an information security strategy to be managed correctly. They are:

  1. Confidentiality

It is the guarantee that the information is accessed only by authorized persons. Contrary to popular belief, confidentiality is more important than privacy, as it involves preventing information from being read by people who are not authorized to access it. All company information, especially confidential information must be accessed by strictly authorized persons, for this, the most important aspect is to ensure the identification and authentication of the parties involved.

  1. Integrity

To make sure it, you must make information secure from being altered in an unwise manner. Data integrity may be affected during accidents, such as storage media problems, system crashes, poor transmission in the storage environment, or malicious actions, with purposely deleting information for some reason.

  1. Availability

For example, losing a temporary access to the data of the e-mail service or your e-commerce can be as harmful as the events that we mention in confidentiality. A loss of sensitive information, depending on the situation, can cause a company to stop operating for some time, which means high losses.

It is always very important to have preventive measures of information security in the company, to avoid the loss of sensitive data. At the same time, although there are strategies that practically guarantee digital security, it is impossible to obtain 100% contingency, regardless of the type or size of the company in question. Therefore, it is also crucial to have a “card up your sleeve” in case any incident happens and you need to quickly recover some data from the deal.

Knowing this situation, we at, are a data recovery company specializing in sensitive corporate RAID system data, to assist all types of company in effective data recovery, in a timely manner to minimize the impacts on the business. We have certified professionals and international success cases, as well as our own laboratory to handle data recovery.

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